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Winter Vehicle Care & Protection Guide

Winter Vehicle Care & Protection Guide 

Winter, the season dreaded by motorists. Whether you own or lease your car, nobody looks forward to the cold winter months, bringing with them icy roads and early starts to defrost your car. Here at 360 Autoleasing, we want to provide some practical tips to protect and take care of your vehicle throughout the cold period.

Regular Checks

It is even more important that your regular checks are carried out before and throughout winter. This includes reviewing your car’s coolant and oil levels, tyre pressures and lights. Test all of your vehicles systems including your air vents, air conditioning and heated rear windscreen - you don’t want to be caught out when temperatures fall!

Check the anti-freeze levels, if your vehicle doesn’t have the right amount it could cause huge problems in winter weather. Also look for any visible damage on the water pump, radiator and coolant hoses. Your local garage will be able to do these checks for you if required.


It is worth doing an inspection of your car’s battery prior to a cold snap, making sure it is free from corrosion especially if your battery is older. Cold weather is often the final straw for a weak vehicle battery.


Icy or snowy roads mean longer stopping distances and faulty brakes will contribute more to this. Keep yourself and other road users safe and get your brakes checked prior to the cold setting in to ensure they are in the best possible condition.


Good tyre condition is crucial to how your vehicle handles icy or snowy roads. If you have low tread or your tyres are damaged your vehicle will be a much harder to control. Check your tyres regularly and make sure they are replaced when necessary. 

Tyre pressures are also more likely to drop in cold air so ensure you are checking them regularly and topping up the air when needed.


Visibility during winter is often low, not only because of the weather but due to the grit and dirt on the roads. We advise replacing any worn wiper blades and ensuring your washer fluid is topped up with a suitable winter mixture. It is also be a good idea to carry additional screen wash in your vehicle in case you run out!

Remember, cold weather can exacerbate any chips or cracks in your windscreen. If you have any, get them checked to make sure they won’t become worse in cold temperatures and get them repaired if you need to.


Finally, although a necessary evil, salt from the roads does no good for your car. We recommend cleaning your car as often as possible during the winter, paying particular attention to your undercarriage and wheels, to prevent any corrosion, clogging or damage.

To protect your paint work, make sure you repair paint chips quickly to prevent salt from getting in and wax your car to add an extra layer of protection. 


Remember to always carry breakdown essentials in your vehicle, especially in winter. You’ll be grateful for that blanket if you breakdown in the snow!

We hope our winter car care tips have been useful to you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, our team are always happy to help with any questions of queries you may have! Just call us on 0330 057 7360 or email us at eastmidlands@360autoleasing.co.uk.

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