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what happens when you return a leased car?

It’s been a great ride with your lease car but, as all things do, your time together has come to an end.

When it comes to returning, you might have a few rational questions: “My car is damaged - will I be charged?” or “I’m over the mileage - will I be charged?”… Fear not! 360 Autoleasing has compiled this handy list of scenarios to prepare you for what could happen when you return your car.

What to expect
When your lease is up, we’ll need to inspect your car. Typically, we’ll come and check out your vehicle while it’s parked outside your home. Sometimes you might need to bring the car to us. Either way, we’ll get in touch with instructions.

My car is damaged
Let’s imagine you’re handing back a car with a bit of damage. Your vehicle will pick up a few scrapes over time, so we’ve got a system in place to match damage up with fees:

     -Chips should be 3mm or less wide, dents 15mm and scratches 25mm.

     -Scratches shouldn't reveal primer or bare metal and we’ll accept a max of four scratches per panel.

     -Headlight scratches must be less than 25mm wide.

     -Small scratches on your windscreen are ok as long as they don't blur the driver's sight.

     -Tyres must meet the minimum requirements and we won’t accept damage to the sidewalls or tread.

     -Upholstery needs to be clean, with no burns, scratches or tears.

If our inspector spots anything, you’ll incur a charge. How much depends on the damage - but if you’ve driven well whilst you’ve had the car, you should be fine.

I’ve gone over the mileage
Your mileage will be in your lease agreement - probably something like 10,000 miles a year. Let’s say you had a car for three years and of 30,000 miles to use in that time. If you’ve gone over, you’ll owe a fee. This can range from around 6p to £1+VAT per mile. Check out your lease agreement to find out what you’d owe.

I want to end my lease early
Found a new car? Moving away? There are loads of reasons you might need to give your lease car back early.

If you’re struggling with payments - you should bear in mind that returning your car early could incur charges - so may not be your best option. Always ask your finance provider for advice on how to cover monthly payments if you’re in trouble.

Either way - if you want to end your lease early, you’re probably looking at a fee. Again, check your lease agreement to make sure you know what’s going on. 

Want to know more?
So, there you go - the ins and outs of handing back your leased car. If you’ve got any questions feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help!

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